What is the highest credit score

What is the highest credit score

Typically, 850 is the largest credit score you can achieve only if you are using the FICO model. In most cases, a score that has hit the tune of 740 is considered great to the point of putting in a perfect range for the best interest. With the best interest range, you stand a chance of getting rates in credit cards, car loans, and mortgages.

An understanding of high credit score

Take a note that a top credit card is anything above 740.  Credit scores are broken into five categories depending on performance. This is poor rate, fair, good, very good, and the excellent level. Many people do prefer to use charts to demonstrate the credit score scale. The excellent level is generally any credit score that is above 800 and 850. At the same time, a good score that can place you in the most prompt position for mortgages starts at 670.

FICO credit Score ranges

The following form the variation of credit score starting from the highest to the lowest.

  •         Excellent credit score- 800 and above
  •         Very Good rating 740- 799
  •         Good 670-739
  •         Fair 580- 669
  •         Poor 580 and below

In this article, we will dwell deeply on how to get a higher credit score, its impacts on your credit rating, and why it’s more important to understand the need for a higher score.

Keep reading and learn more over the same.

I understand the need for a higher credit score.

Most of US citizens credit score fall in the range of 621 and below. If you take up a percentage of credit score among youth in the US, you will realize that about 38% of them fall under the range of 621 and below. That means youths are doing better when the credit score is concerned.

Understanding the needs for credit range gives you the right and knowledge required to raise the credit. Improving your credit score would, therefore, mean improvement the financial ability to better interest rates on thing related to credit card and mortgages.

Is an excellent credit score essential?

By now, you might be wondering if an excellent credit score is essential, yet we have different levels. We would typically say that a perfect credit score is not too much necessary though it contains more benefits. Obtaining a score of 850 is an excellent goal might not be that realistic.

Even though 850 is the perfect credit score, round 21% of chronic and experienced people among the Credit Sesame members, have a score of 800. Attaining a score of 850 is an enormous challenge. Even without it, you can still do well in your rating score.

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How to raise your credit score

Credit Sesame established that about 72% of US citizens are struggling very hard to improve their credit score. The study further shows that the old have no business in growing their credit score since they feel as if they have exhausted almost everything in their life. This would also mean that they have done the best they could and are happy with the score they have achieved.

If you are looking to improve your credit score from poor range to a reasonable level or just very good, we have with us some few basic things you can do to achieve it. Here are the basics:

  1.   Pay all your bills on time and probably in full amount.
  2.   Always struggle to keep your credit card balance low
  3.   Make it a habit of keeping your oldest accounts open at all times.
  4.   Avoid accumulating too much enquires and complains about the new credit cards you may take up along the process.
  5.   Keep a good track record of your available credit vs. that of the debt ratio.
  6.   Lastly, you need to keep an eye on your credit report and how it fluctuates with time.

If you always put the above strategies in mind, it’s not possible to fall form one credit level down to the other. All you will enjoy is a chance of growing your credit score upwards.

How long does it take to improve a credit score?

Many people, even after working on all strategies required to improve a credit score, always find themselves at the same point after requesting their credit report. Many customers end up complaining to the company concerned to the point of canceling their credit cards. What they fail to understand is that credit score takes time to grow.

Improving a credit score at the poor level to fair level take about eight months. To raise from a fair level to good level takes a couple of 14 months. Finally improving from good level to an excellent level takes 7 seven months. If you add all the months, you realize that to growth from poor level to extraordinary; it takes about 29 months of patience. As you can see, this time is not that short considering that you need to keep a good trend of financial transactions like paying your bills on time.


Getting the highest credit score takes a long time. However, it’s not a must you work with the highest value since, at a reasonable level, you still stand at best. Follow our guidelines from today, and you will henceforth improve your credit score.

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