Ten good reasons, to buy gold at a gold ATM

There are many advantages in buying gold from our ATMs!

  1. No prepayment -  merchandise against cash
  2. Simple purchasing process
  3. Instant product availability
  4. Up-to-the-minute actual prices by real-time price adjustments via Internet
  5. Maximum confidentiality and anonymity of purchase as long as purchase price is below MLP identification limits
  6. Maximum security by money-back-guarante
  7. Fair prices by favourable cost structures (minimum sales space and staff requirements)
  8. There is something for everybody: gifts of lasting value or even investments
  9. Special offers like limited engravings/coinages
  10. More then 55.000 happy clients worldwide in 3 years

GOLD to go™ – simply the smartest way to buy gold!

gold ATM - GOLD to go™ – Der erste Goldautomat der Welt! Become
a gold ATM
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