How to purchase gold from our gold ATMs?

Intuitive handling, you can choose between 10 different products:

  • Choose your product and payment method (cash/cashless) at the touch-screen
  • The product will appear spotlighted in original size in the product showcase window below
  • For security reasons only cashless payments with chip/PIN system can be processed
  • Eventually you will be asked to identify yourself via passport/ID-scanner
    (depending on purchase price, MLP identification limits and payment method)
  • Follow the payment instructions on the screen
  • Remove your product and receipt from the product dispenser
  • In case of cash payment please wait for your change (coins)
  • In case of problems during your purchase you can always request help via the “help button” and contact our support center

GOLD to go™ – simply the smartest way to buy gold!

gold ATM - GOLD to go™ – Der erste Goldautomat der Welt! Become
a gold ATM
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