History of Ex Oriente Lux AG

Development of the GOLD to go™ idea

Since 2009 EOL’s focus lies in precious metals trading

Ex Oriente Lux AG (EOL) is a relatively young german enterprise in the precious metals sector. EOL has established itself pretty quickly as a fast growing market participant in the B2C and B2B markets. EOL’s headquarters is situated in Reutlingen (50 km south from Stuttgart) with an actual staff of 25 people. The distribution channels: online sales (TG|Gold-Super-Markt.de and Affiliates), finance broker pools, GOLD to go™ gold vending ATMs as well as gold buybacks and precious metals warehousing .

Core intention of Mr. Thomas Geissler (CEO Ex Oriente Lux AG) is to give private investors easy access to precious metals – at fair pricing. Gold-Super-Market.de achieved this within a short time period by attracting a broad public. Rising orders and best customer satisfaction (eKomi and Trusted Shops) point to steady corporate growth.

With GOLD to go™ Ex Oriente Lux is projecting its success story into the offline-world. The gold ATM is an unmanned point of sale. It offers an extraordinary opportunity to purchase gold bars and coins of assured quality at competitive prices. The intended target group – primarily the gift and souvenir buyers – has been extended by a growing number of small investors. The media attention since market launch is enormous. In addition to extensive print coverage across Europe, the USA and the Middle East, the GOLD to go™ story is regularly broadcasted by many TV stations at prime time in various reports.

Gold is well known as a longterm  protection of purchasing power

As the world first company it is producing gold vending machines. This has even more advantages for gold buyers. In comparison to banks the goods are instantly available. Prices are updated in up-to-the minute intervals. Purchases in accordance to money laundering prevention rules can be conducted easily and anonymously with a maximum of confidentiality.

GOLD to go™ not only animates people to invest in precious metals but at the same time actually provides an opportunity to invest quickly and easily in quality-assured precious metals.

gold ATM - GOLD to go™ – Der erste Goldautomat der Welt! Become
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