How to use PayPal credit

How to use PayPal credit

PayPal, a common universal safe way of purchasing items online, is gaining popularity at a fast rate. Whether you need to buy groceries or a single item, PayPal provides ‘now pay’ option or a ‘pay later’ using the PayPal Credit. PayPal is, therefore, becoming the order of using in accomplishing online purchases for a wide variety of goods.

In this article, we will try to look at how to use a PayPal credit in different ways successively. Take time to read through.

What is PayPal Credit?

Before we let you know how to use a PayPal credit, perhaps it vital you grasp a thing or two on what is a PayPal credit.

PayPal credit according to the explanation given by PayPal, basically, is a line of credit. This line is provided by Synchrony Bank and allows customers to pay for goods instantly or pay after some times. This credit line is very easy to use as well as simpler to apply.

Where can you use PayPal credit?

In all online stores where PayPal is accepted, PayPal credit is also useable. Such areas include Walmart, Etsy, eBay, among other thousands of online stores. Therefore if your local favorite shopping area does accept PayPal, make it a point of transacting with them using the PayPal credit account.

What does PayPal credit correlate with PayPal?

PayPal credit hand in hand with PayPal to make the buying process easier. For people who use PayPal, once you do not have money in your PayPal account, PayPal credit gives a chance to continue with payment by using its account. It is more of giving you a loan but in terms of paying your bills for you where you repay once you top up your PayPal account.

How to get a PayPal credit account

We guess that you already have a PayPal account and you now intend to own a PayPal credit account. You do not need to worry about how to get it. We will guide you accordingly.

To get yourself a PayPal credit account, you do not need to wait until the time you are buying an item to apply. To get started into acquiring a PayPal credit account, you need to login on the PayPal website.

Once you log in, select the option ‘Apply for PayPal Credit.’ You will be provided with information concerning the interest rates of PayPal credit and other promotional rates. All you need is the click on ‘Apply now’ to get yourself started in the whole process.

How to use PayPal credit to buy goods

Since now you have a PayPal credit account ready, you can start buying goods online. To first use the account, you need to visit your retailer who accepts PayPal payment. Once you have your goods ready, log in on your PayPal accounts, and quickly select PayPal credit and choose ‘continue.’ PayPal gives you a chance to review your order one extra time with your retailer. If everything is okay, you can submit the order request.

If you want to have a look at the statement of your order, you can log in into your PayPal account to view the PayPal credit history order.

How to use PayPal credit to make payments via email

Making payments using PayPal credit via email is very simple. All you need is to write your PayPal credit account number, the amount you intend to pay and the payment coupon and send them to PayPal Credit P.O BOX 71202 Charlotte. Also, you must not forget to indicate the account number of the recipient to receive the payment. PayPal upon receiving your request, initiate the payment, and credit your PayPal credit accounts.

How to pay for goods online using your PayPal Credit

Some people opt not to have a PayPal app but to be making their payments online. Still, this is a perfect way to make payments which you can also use PayPal Credit to achieve.

All you need is to log in onto your PayPal account and on the left of the page, is a bar indicated ‘Make Payment’ which is under PayPal Credit.

Open it and enter the amount to pay, payment methods, and the dates you want the payment to be initiated. After you are done, click continue. The option indicating continue at the bottom of the page so you will have to scroll down. After you click on continue, another option pops up asking you if you want to pay. When you click on it, PayPal Credit programs itself to either make a payment rightly or await the payments date according to the details of the dates you entered.

How to pay on Mobile

If by chance you have the PayPal app in your phone, you can use it to make Payment using the PayPal Credit. To achieve this involves signing on your PayPal account, then clicking on the option labeled PayPal Credit, then Make Payment, enter the amount, payment method, and the date. Once you ascertain the information is correct, tap pay to initiate the process.


With PayPal credit account on your PayPal account, you stand no chance of complaining you do not have enough money in your account to buy what you want. You can buy anything at any time and pay later.