GOLD to go® is a trademark of Ex Oriente Lux AG.

in December 2007

  • established 12/27/2007 with a capital fund of 0,95 mill. €
  • subsidiary company of the Geissler C-B-T Holding (est. 1994) which manages a net asset value of 200 mill. €

since January 2008

  • Focus on rural development and renewable energies in South Eastern Europe

since June 2008

  • Focus on agricultural land, especially establishement of olive orchards
  • land development  in case of specific opportunities
  • temporary suspension of business field renewable energies

August 2008

  • Increase of capital to 2,4 Mio. € by admission of additional shareholders

since July 2009

  • Expansion of business activities into the field of precious metals
    (via online shops and broker pools, development of business model GOLD to go® ®)
  • Focus on tangible assets

The idea behind GOLD to go® arose during the establishment of the new business branch of precious metals trading of Infos GmbH, a subsidiary company of the Geissler C-B-T Holding. Infos GmbH has been distributing mutual funds and financial investments successfully in Germany for over 15 years and manages a net asset value of 200 mill. Euros.

In 2009 precious metal trading including GOLD to go® was integrated into the Ex Oriente Lux AG, another subsidiary company of the Geissler C-B-T Holding. In addition to precious metal trading via online shops, distribution partners and finance broker pools in B2B and B2C areas, as well as GOLD to go®, the investment concept of the Ex Oriente Lux AG comprises another mainstay of tangible asset investment: convergence investment in agricultural land in the EU.

Responsible for all GOLD to go® ® partners is the GOLD to go® system center in Reutlingen – an in-house department of the Ex Oriente Lux AG.

GOLD to go® originated as an opportunity born out of the turmoil of the financial crisis. While the burst of the “credit bubble” tore down stock markets and the general loss of trust in the global finance market system severely shocked all capital markets, GOLD to go® has been developing its gold vending machine. Gold especially has long since provided protection of purchasing power. GOLD to go® not only animates people to invest in precious metals but at the same time actually provides an opportunity to invest quickly and easily in quality-assured precious metals.