Summer mattress sales

Summer mattress sales

Summer sales come with some of the best mattress deals on the market, and the icing on the cake comes in the form of July 4th. The discounts rates are hands down the best of summer sales. If you are looking to get yourself a mattress or two, then you need to start planning and be ready when the day comes.

This article is going to guide you through how to properly take advantage of the Fourth of July mattress sales and get the best deal out of it. July 4th mattress sales are well known in the industry. Prices drop, and offers can go for as high as 20% off for purchases and then there is the occasional freebies, rebates, online offers and promotional beds.

When do the Mattress sales start?

The good news is that there is plenty of time to make the right decision for your purchase. Retail stores across the country start preparing their sales deals up to 5 days before the market day. Take advantage of this opportunity and start window shopping. You can do it online and visit different retailers to check the brands, or you can be on the lookout for TV ads, radio announcements, social media listings, and every other media outlet.

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Start listing your priorities

Once you are done comparing prices, brands, and qualities of the mattresses. List down all your choices in case you end up being conflicted. This will give you time to decide before the due date. It is also important to list just in case you end up forgetting because you were busy planning to buy other things or doing other activities that may take up your time.

The listing will also help you save a lot of time that you might have wasted going through the brands during the Fourth of July. Another reason for planning is that most buyers end getting trapped in the holiday frenzy and find themselves buying the first mattress they come across. This is a rookie mistake, and they end up not making the best choices for their deals, which they regret later.

Know your window

Just like the holiday itself, the hot deals and discounts are not designed to last long. Fortunately, retailers understand you may not be available on the said date as there may be other important things you might be planning to do. So they extend their deals for a few more days to give you time. This means you have to move quickly and make the best out of it, especially when you are well prepared.

Where to look

There are almost 20 mattresses cataloged deals that come from major retailers and well-known department stores such as Sears and Macy’s. Not to mention brands such as Tempurpedic and Amerisleep. All these outlets are going to be promoting their products. There will be details pertaining to their discounts throughout all media channels. It will be hard to miss them if you are looking to buy a mattress.

In case you are too busy to be on the lookout for ads then you can visit the retail websites for any news about July sales. Brands like Amerisleep and Tempurpedic have their websites that they keep updated, ensuring their customers are well apprised.

So, what’s on the market?

There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of different mattresses sold each year. This can be a bit hectic for a new buyer as there are many categories (each category can have hundreds of different models) and choices to pick. What you need to understand is mattresses are divided into groups depending on your preference.

On the bright side, you only have to know the main categories, which are relatively small in number. Most categories are based around certain features like:

  • Material
  • Firmness
  • Thickness

These are the most common categories to pick from if you are looking for a mattress:

1)      Natural fiber mattress

They are the most common mattresses on the market, and they generally come at lower costs.

2)      Foam

This category is the most dominant in the market. There are several models under the category such as memory foam (uses a single 2inch layer of foam to multiple layers depending on thickness), innerspring foam (a hybrid of innerspring support and a layer of foam, giving you the best of both worlds).

Prices in the foam category vary from cheap to expensive depending on the quality of the mattress, which is determined by its durability. When buying the innerspring foam care should be taken to ensure you purchase a quality mattress that has denser foam.

3)      Latex

Latex mattresses are usually of high quality and as such, quite durable. What makes these mattresses unique is their resilience that makes it a cut above the rest. There are also other models under this category such as Polyfoam/latex hybrid and innerspring/latex hybrid, both of which are a fantastic choice.

4)      Coil mattress

These mattresses use the common innerspring support core complemented by a type of foam of varying quality.

Other categories include waterbed and airbed that come with their support factor as you will find out.

While the whole experience can be exciting to some, care should be taken as not all mattresses are legit, and by extension, not all sales are good either. There is especially a common tactic used by retailers that sell the same product; they end up using different names to dupe you into thinking you are choosing a different product when in reality you are probably making the same mistake you did the last time.

Try reading reviews and double checking your research beforehand to ensure you have the correct information. While most companies are usually honest and reliable, the competitive market has led to the rise of dishonest retailers and sneaky tactics.


July 4th is one of the best times to get yourself a quality mattress at a reasonably discounted price. Timing is key, but most importantly, knowledge is everything. Understanding how the industry works, knowing what to look for, and what to keep away from can be extremely helpful.

How to use PayPal credit

How to use PayPal credit

PayPal, a common universal safe way of purchasing items online, is gaining popularity at a fast rate. Whether you need to buy groceries or a single item, PayPal provides ‘now pay’ option or a ‘pay later’ using the PayPal Credit. PayPal is, therefore, becoming the order of using in accomplishing online purchases for a wide variety of goods.

In this article, we will try to look at how to use a PayPal credit in different ways successively. Take time to read through.

What is PayPal Credit?

Before we let you know how to use a PayPal credit, perhaps it vital you grasp a thing or two on what is a PayPal credit.

PayPal credit according to the explanation given by PayPal, basically, is a line of credit. This line is provided by Synchrony Bank and allows customers to pay for goods instantly or pay after some times. This credit line is very easy to use as well as simpler to apply.

Where can you use PayPal credit?

In all online stores where PayPal is accepted, PayPal credit is also useable. Such areas include Walmart, Etsy, eBay, among other thousands of online stores. Therefore if your local favorite shopping area does accept PayPal, make it a point of transacting with them using the PayPal credit account.

What does PayPal credit correlate with PayPal?

PayPal credit hand in hand with PayPal to make the buying process easier. For people who use PayPal, once you do not have money in your PayPal account, PayPal credit gives a chance to continue with payment by using its account. It is more of giving you a loan but in terms of paying your bills for you where you repay once you top up your PayPal account.

How to get a PayPal credit account

We guess that you already have a PayPal account and you now intend to own a PayPal credit account. You do not need to worry about how to get it. We will guide you accordingly.

To get yourself a PayPal credit account, you do not need to wait until the time you are buying an item to apply. To get started into acquiring a PayPal credit account, you need to login on the PayPal website.

Once you log in, select the option ‘Apply for PayPal Credit.’ You will be provided with information concerning the interest rates of PayPal credit and other promotional rates. All you need is the click on ‘Apply now’ to get yourself started in the whole process.

How to use PayPal credit to buy goods

Since now you have a PayPal credit account ready, you can start buying goods online. To first use the account, you need to visit your retailer who accepts PayPal payment. Once you have your goods ready, log in on your PayPal accounts, and quickly select PayPal credit and choose ‘continue.’ PayPal gives you a chance to review your order one extra time with your retailer. If everything is okay, you can submit the order request.

If you want to have a look at the statement of your order, you can log in into your PayPal account to view the PayPal credit history order.

How to use PayPal credit to make payments via email

Making payments using PayPal credit via email is very simple. All you need is to write your PayPal credit account number, the amount you intend to pay and the payment coupon and send them to PayPal Credit P.O BOX 71202 Charlotte. Also, you must not forget to indicate the account number of the recipient to receive the payment. PayPal upon receiving your request, initiate the payment, and credit your PayPal credit accounts.

How to pay for goods online using your PayPal Credit

Some people opt not to have a PayPal app but to be making their payments online. Still, this is a perfect way to make payments which you can also use PayPal Credit to achieve.

All you need is to log in onto your PayPal account and on the left of the page, is a bar indicated ‘Make Payment’ which is under PayPal Credit.

Open it and enter the amount to pay, payment methods, and the dates you want the payment to be initiated. After you are done, click continue. The option indicating continue at the bottom of the page so you will have to scroll down. After you click on continue, another option pops up asking you if you want to pay. When you click on it, PayPal Credit programs itself to either make a payment rightly or await the payments date according to the details of the dates you entered.

How to pay on Mobile

If by chance you have the PayPal app in your phone, you can use it to make Payment using the PayPal Credit. To achieve this involves signing on your PayPal account, then clicking on the option labeled PayPal Credit, then Make Payment, enter the amount, payment method, and the date. Once you ascertain the information is correct, tap pay to initiate the process.


With PayPal credit account on your PayPal account, you stand no chance of complaining you do not have enough money in your account to buy what you want. You can buy anything at any time and pay later.


How does a Credit Card Work

How does a Credit Card Work

The current society is slowly drifting from the use of cash to the use of plastic money. Many folks fill their wallets with several plastic cards to carry out the daily transactions. The cards include the debit and credit cards.

The process of acquiring a credit card is simple and cheap. Most folks are using the credit cards without understanding the inner workings of the credit card.

Below is a walk-through of how the credit works that you need to be well conversant with before you make an order for your card.

What Is A Credit Card?

A credit card is a special plastic card that allows you access to the credit limit set by your credit card issuer. The credit limit differs from one user to the other depending on the creditworthiness of an individual.

To get a credit card, you need the following qualifications.

Qualifying for a Credit Card

Any person above the age of 18 having a regular source of income is eligible for a credit card. You are likely to receive several invitations from the credit card companies in your mail and advertisements roaming around in the media.

Records of your previous credit transactions are likely to give you a higher credit limit. Always try to maintain a clean credit record. The company is likely to ask for the information of your guarantors. The guarantors should be preferably folks with clean credit records. A guarantor who is a client of the same credit card company is an added advantage to your application.

Making a Purchase using a Credit Card

When you use the credit card to make a purchase, several actions take place behind the scenes. The swiping of your card at the terminal prompts your credit card issuer on the validity of your card. The machine also confirms the available balance in your card.

Your credit card issuer immediately sends a reply to the swiping machine. The feedback from your credit card issuer indicates whether your transaction is approved or declined. You need to maintain a healthy credit card account balance to avoid embarrassing moments at the store.

Maintaining a Healthy Credit Card Account Balance

Anytime that you make a transaction, changes reflect in the balances of your credit card balance. When you swipe your card, you increase your credit card balance by the relevant amount. A credit card payment, on the other hand, lowers your balance.

You need to carefully monitor the history of your transactions using your credit card. The more you make transactions, the more your credit card limit elevates. Always try to make full payments within the stipulated time frame.

Use your credit card to make purchases responsibly, and you shall soon be enjoying an increased credit limit.

How to Make Payments for your Credit Card?

As we have stated above, increasing your credit score largely depends on how you make payments. Each month, you are required to make a minimum payment to maintain your card.

Your card issuer will send you the billing statement on the due date. The billing statement shows all your transactions and your minimum payment for the month.

Calculation of the minimum payment is based on your credit card balance. Usually, the amount is not constant to the different credit card issuers. The amount may differ from one credit card issuer to another.

What are the Interest Rates of a Credit Card?

When you use your credit card, the card issuer gives you a grace period of up to 30 days to make an interest free repayment. After the grace period is over, a fee based on your outstanding balance and interest rate is added to your accumulated balance.

The interest rates on the credit cards accumulated balances are based on your credit history, and market interest rates. Good credit history will attract lower interest rates. Timely clearance of the minimum payment will attract low-interest rates in the month that you delay payments.

Advantages of a Credit Card

  •         You can dispute transactions and withhold payment for services. A written application to the card issuer will set in motion wheels for an extensive investigation into your application. You cannot enjoy this privilege when you use a debit card.
  •         Using a credit card earns you reward points. The credit card issuers and merchants offer some redeemable reward points to credit card users. The accumulated reward points are likely to fetch a great prize if you are lucky enough.
  •         Stolen Credit Cards are not easily used. When you lose your credit card, make a report to your bank or credit card issuer. Whenever someone tries to make a purchase using your credit card, the transaction will be rejected, and your account remains safe.
  •         Credit Cards are Promoting Cashless Operations. When you are using a credit card, you do not need to carry bulk cash to the store. All you need is one card to make all your transactions.

The major disadvantage of using a credit card could be the charges that you need to pay to maintain the use of your card. Most people also try to stay away from the use of credit cards because the whole idea of how the credit card works is foreign.

Before you make an application for your credit card, it is important that you fully understand the workings of a credit card.

What is the highest credit score

What is the highest credit score

Typically, 850 is the largest credit score you can achieve only if you are using the FICO model. In most cases, a score that has hit the tune of 740 is considered great to the point of putting in a perfect range for the best interest. With the best interest range, you stand a chance of getting rates in credit cards, car loans, and mortgages.

An understanding of high credit score

Take a note that a top credit card is anything above 740.  Credit scores are broken into five categories depending on performance. This is poor rate, fair, good, very good, and the excellent level. Many people do prefer to use charts to demonstrate the credit score scale. The excellent level is generally any credit score that is above 800 and 850. At the same time, a good score that can place you in the most prompt position for mortgages starts at 670.

FICO credit Score ranges

The following form the variation of credit score starting from the highest to the lowest.

  •         Excellent credit score- 800 and above
  •         Very Good rating 740- 799
  •         Good 670-739
  •         Fair 580- 669
  •         Poor 580 and below

In this article, we will dwell deeply on how to get a higher credit score, its impacts on your credit rating, and why it’s more important to understand the need for a higher score.

Keep reading and learn more over the same.

I understand the need for a higher credit score.

Most of US citizens credit score fall in the range of 621 and below. If you take up a percentage of credit score among youth in the US, you will realize that about 38% of them fall under the range of 621 and below. That means youths are doing better when the credit score is concerned.

Understanding the needs for credit range gives you the right and knowledge required to raise the credit. Improving your credit score would, therefore, mean improvement the financial ability to better interest rates on thing related to credit card and mortgages.

Is an excellent credit score essential?

By now, you might be wondering if an excellent credit score is essential, yet we have different levels. We would typically say that a perfect credit score is not too much necessary though it contains more benefits. Obtaining a score of 850 is an excellent goal might not be that realistic.

Even though 850 is the perfect credit score, round 21% of chronic and experienced people among the Credit Sesame members, have a score of 800. Attaining a score of 850 is an enormous challenge. Even without it, you can still do well in your rating score.

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How to raise your credit score

Credit Sesame established that about 72% of US citizens are struggling very hard to improve their credit score. The study further shows that the old have no business in growing their credit score since they feel as if they have exhausted almost everything in their life. This would also mean that they have done the best they could and are happy with the score they have achieved.

If you are looking to improve your credit score from poor range to a reasonable level or just very good, we have with us some few basic things you can do to achieve it. Here are the basics:

  1.   Pay all your bills on time and probably in full amount.
  2.   Always struggle to keep your credit card balance low
  3.   Make it a habit of keeping your oldest accounts open at all times.
  4.   Avoid accumulating too much enquires and complains about the new credit cards you may take up along the process.
  5.   Keep a good track record of your available credit vs. that of the debt ratio.
  6.   Lastly, you need to keep an eye on your credit report and how it fluctuates with time.

If you always put the above strategies in mind, it’s not possible to fall form one credit level down to the other. All you will enjoy is a chance of growing your credit score upwards.

How long does it take to improve a credit score?

Many people, even after working on all strategies required to improve a credit score, always find themselves at the same point after requesting their credit report. Many customers end up complaining to the company concerned to the point of canceling their credit cards. What they fail to understand is that credit score takes time to grow.

Improving a credit score at the poor level to fair level take about eight months. To raise from a fair level to good level takes a couple of 14 months. Finally improving from good level to an excellent level takes 7 seven months. If you add all the months, you realize that to growth from poor level to extraordinary; it takes about 29 months of patience. As you can see, this time is not that short considering that you need to keep a good trend of financial transactions like paying your bills on time.


Getting the highest credit score takes a long time. However, it’s not a must you work with the highest value since, at a reasonable level, you still stand at best. Follow our guidelines from today, and you will henceforth improve your credit score.

How to cancel a credit card

How to cancel a credit card

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you did spend your hard earned money irresponsibly? What did you do to remedy the situation? When in such situation, do not just cut the credit card but also cancel them out.

Canceling a credit card give you time to learn and regain responsible ways of spending money. Even if you do not have trouble with spending, you may still want to cancel your credit card and close your account time with time. Learning how to cancel a credit card is quite easy, as explained below.

Close one account at a time.

If you have several accounts that you intend to cancel, it is better to cancel them systematically. The first credit cards to withdraw are the once that charge you hefty for transactions. Also, it is advisable to cancel new cards before the old ones since some old credit cards might contain good reward programs.

Pay off balances before canceling.

Before canceling a credit card, it is essential to ensure you pay off existing balances. If you are not in a position to afford the payment at the moment, you can transfer them to the current card.

When you contact the issuer to cancel the card for you, make sure that there is no balance in the card. Also, ensure you cash out all the rewards you had accumulated all along.

Call the customer service department

Canceling a credit card starts at the customer’s service department. The customer service number is always at the back of your card, on your bill report sheet or over online form. Once you contact the customer service, let them know your intention.

Since the customer service would want to verify your details, it is advisable to have the card with you, a recent receipt for paid bills and your id number. Also, give reasons why you intend to cancel your account.

Consider the offer

Generally, no financial organization does like losing customers. When you call customer services desk request to cancel your card, there usually gives you an offer such as the low-interest rate for you to remain their client. Sometimes the offer may be or may not be worth to consider depending on the reasons why you decided to cancel the card.

Considering the offer entails weighing out what will change once you take it and remain clients to the company. If the offer is quite okay maybe you can consider canceling another credit card that has a limited offer.

Confirm the cancellation in writing

If you happen to succeed in canceling your account through a phone call, it is always essential to write a letter to the concerned company reinstating your statements. A letter ensures that the account is closed just in case the customer personnel attendant you talked to had not initiated the whole cancellation process.

The letter you send must include your name, address, and the credit card account number. Also, on the letter indicate the dates you requested for cancelation and the name of the respective customer attendant.

To ascertain that you had cleared all pending bills, you may need to attach a proof of your final payment. Lastly, on the letter request the company to send you a cancellation confirmation letter within a specified time.

Watch your credit card score

In most cases, canceling a credit card affects your credit score significantly. It is vital to cancel your card wisely by adhering to the following.

1). Pick the right time to cancel the card.

Always avoid closing an account if you are in the process of applying for another new credit card. Also if you are planning to take up a loan to buy a car or a house, wait until everything is finalized so you can proceed with the cancellation process.

2). Off-set the cancellation

To avoid hurting your credit score once you cancel a card, you may need to offset it by raising your credit limit differently. Increasing your credit limit keeps your credit utilization rate constant. You can always achieve the increasing plan by opening a new card or by requesting a balance increase on the existing card.

If your credit is good enough, but your balance is low, this should be less important. Closing your credit card should only have a slight impact on your credit score.

3). Follow up your credit report after cancellation

Usually, the credit report takes time before it reflects on the portal and before an email is sent to confirm the removal. Once you receive a letter confirming you canceled your credit card, the next thing you should do is to write a letter requesting for a credit report. The credit report should indicate that the card is closed and that it was not closed by the issuer as it would look bad to other creditors.

If the credit report is negative, be sure to contact the customer service desk to rectify the problem.

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Best Gold Watches in 2019 for Men

Gold Watches

When other people see you wearing a gold watch on your wrist, they automatically see you as a successful person. These classic pieces have been around for long and have remained to be the ultimate test of style.

There is no doubt that gold is elegant, particularly when utilized to develop watches. It is a classy choice to tone your tanned skin. Whether you wear a watch to complete your outfit or to display your accomplishments, the versatility of a gold watch cannot be disputed. Anybody who is self-respecting aspires to own the best gold watch.

A gold watch is a perfect piece for any event. Gold can be said to be the most classic tone for watches, providing a permanent, refined edge. Gold never gets old.

Here are some of the best gold watches for men who want to add the glitter of gold to their clothing.

Lancardo Luxury Bling Gold Tone Watch

If you want a watch with a simple and sleek design, this is a perfect choice. The Lancardo Luxury Gold watch features a double two-fold rhinestone clock face.

It has a white face, and the markers are simple Arabic numbers that are toned with gold, making it ideal for showing off your style on any occasion. 

IP Gold Plating Men’s Watch

The first thing that you will notice on this watch is its complex appearance. You will also see the smooth, glossy black color of the face of the watch. That creates a perfect difference against the markers, which are gold-toned and encrusted with tiny crystals.

The case band of this clock is a gold-colored connected bracelet designed using lightweight stainless steel. The casing of the watch consists of a wear-resistant mineral glass, which makes it a durable gold watch model for daily use.

Fanmis Unisex Gold Watch

If you want a gold watch that is both stylish and affordable, then the Fanmis Unisex watch is the best for you. Is its name suggests, the watch can be worn by both men and women. It is such multifaceted.

The watch’s face is totally encrusted in crystal. The hour pointers are in the form of red stones that stand out plainly in the face of the encrusted top. On its top, you will notice a small window that displays the date. It is covered using a magnifying glass for comfortable viewing. Its band is made from a combination of high-quality alloy and steel.

The face casing of the clock is made from mineral glass to prevent against scratching.

Olev’s Men’s Watch

The watch is nearly fully gold, providing you with a feeling of sophistication and luxury. The clock face has a very sleek design which is entirely encrusted using crystals.

The 3, 6, 9, and 12-hour markers are made from gold and exhibited as roman numerals. The other hour markers are elegant gold squares, each having a tiny crystal in it.

The watch also features a window that displays the date at the 3 o’clock position. The window is finished with a gold tone. That combines very well with the face, which is also gold-colored.

The minute and hour pointers are also gold-colored and feature a special half-diamond shape. The band is also gold-toned, and it has a dual butterfly buckle that is easily adjustable for various wrist sizes.

Binlun Men’s Automatic Gold Plated Watch

The first feature that you will notice on this watch is its clock face. The bezel features a uniquely designed gold material. This is split up by encrusted crystals that give the watch a sleek appearance.

It is an analog watch that features a gold-colored face. The markers are also gold-toned with the ends featuring a green color, which gives it a little vintage appearance. The 12 o’clock marker is a gold-colored Roman numeral, and the others are simple gold bars.

The band is made from high-quality stainless steel that is gold colored.

Cardiqiou Gold Watch

For those of you who are fashionistas, this is the best gold watch for you. The Cardiqiou watch can be worn for any occasion. Its face is characterized by an elegant black color. The markers are white-colored with a sleek gold tone that matches the minute and hour pointers perfectly.

The watch has a date window at the 3 o’clock position that is covered with a magnifying glass to enhance its visibility. The bezel is encrusted with gold crystals and stainless steel gold-toned connected band. There are also second markers on the outer parts of the clock face, which are gold-colored to give the watch a consistent look.

Invicta 16739 Pro diver Gold Watch

If you want a prestigious gold watch that costs below $100, this watch is an ideal choice. It has an analog display with white pointers. The hour and minute hands are gold-colored with white-colored tips.

The watch’s markers are gold Roman Numerals, and it features a uniquely designed gold-colored bezel. Both the band and the case are made from gold-toned durable stainless steel. The watch is also resistant to water.

One of the attractive features about buying this watch is that it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

JBW Men’s JB-6101 Saxon Stainless Steel Genuine Diamond Watch

This is another choice for individuals who are looking for style and still want to save money. The JBW is a multi-purpose men’s watch that includes a 24-hour, date, and day indicators.

The best feature on this watch is its clock face. It is made from real diamonds with silver tones, displaying the classiness of the watch considerably. The band is a connected bracelet crafted from stainless steel. It is gold-plated and has a placement clasp.

The face is covered by crystal tones that give the watch a unique and sleek look. The watch is resistant to water up to 100 meters in depth and is ideal for swimmers.

 Armani Exchange AX2099 Smart Outer Banks Gold Watch

This is a classy and affordable gold watch; so you may want to consider it. It has a metallic bracelet and a gold clock face. The casing of the watch is crafted from a PVD gold-toned material. It features a push-button clasp that makes it straightforward to open and close.

The entire watch is gold colored and features gold time markers and bracelets. It also has a date and chronograph function.

The watch also features a water resistant function that makes it ideal for fishing and swimming, although it is not suitable for heavy-impact water sports.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date President Watch

For those of you who are seeking for prestige, the Rolex Oyster is the best gold watch for you. It contains a bracelet, bezel, and case made from 18 karats yellow gold. Its hour markers are made from diamonds, and the pointers are toned with gold. The dial is black and has an analog display.

Additionally, it features a date display window at the 3 o’clock point, and the date and day are shown at the 12 o’clock place. The other notable aspects of the watch include a solid case, a tightened secure crown, and a 70-hour power reserve.

Victorinox Maverick Gold Watch

This watch features a gold-toned stainless steel bracelet. It has a brown clock face and case that uses the Swiss quartz movement.

The Victorinox watch features an anti-reflective triple coated azure crystal which makes it durable. Most of the markers and the hands contain gold accents. It also comes with a date and time window at the 6 o’clock position.

The watch is resistant to the water of up to 100 m depth, which makes it suitable for snorkeling, swimming, and diving.

This is a multipurpose watch that can either be worn when the need arises. It is strong enough that it can be used in a workshop and you can wear it around the house.

Tag Heuer Aquaracracer Gold Watch

The Tag Heuer is a Swiss Quartz gold watch for those who are looking for a stylish watch that is best for watersports. The watch is toned with both silver and gold, with its band consisting of a gold strip at the center and two silver strips on the outside. Its bracelet is made from stainless steel, and its dial is unidirectional. The bezel is white-colored, and its case is crafted with anti-reflective azure. It also consists of a convenient date window at the 3 o’clock spot.

Its display is analog with gold markers. The watch is also resistant to water up to 984 feet deep and thus suitable for scuba diving.

It has an analog display with gold pieces used as the markers. The watch is also water resistant up to 984 feet, and therefore suitable for mixed gas scuba diving.

Longines L47092117 La Grande Classic Gold Watch

This gold watch features a very thin design that makes it less bulky than a typical gold watch. Thus, it stands on the wrist without being too splashy.

Apart from its less showy appearance, it is high quality, containing 18 karats gold. If you are simple and looking for elegance, this is the best gold watch for you.

It features a two-tone wrist band that is made from stainless steel. Its dial is also made from stainless steel to enhance its durability.

The bezel is white with two black hands, and the markers are gold Roman numerals. The other excellent feature about the watch is that it is water resistant up to 3o meters so you will not have to worry about raindrops or water splashes.

So, if you are considering purchasing a Men’s gold watch, these are some of the best brands to choose from.

A Brief History of Gold

A Brief History of Gold

Gold is one of the most controversial valuable metals available to man. Since the discovery of gold millions of years ago, the metal has never been short of significant roles in the life of man. The article below traces the background of gold since its first discovery to the present day.

The First Discovery of Gold

The initial discovery of gold traces back to millions of years ago. No country has the claim of the first discovery of gold for it was present along streams and water bodies around the world. Inhabitants of the world way before modern civilization first found deposits of gold along the streams and deep underground.

After scrutiny of the naturally existing metal, Gold was found to be a commodity of rare beauty and qualities. The discovery of a beautiful metal which does not tarnish easily paved the way for a niche in the field of currency and decorations.

To unlock the full potential of this newfound gem, different countries started developing new methods of processing the metal to their specifications.

Gold in Egypt

Egyptians fell in love with gold and decided to go a step further to produce more. They used slaves, criminals, and captives of war to produce more gold from the primitive goldmines.

The gold produced in Egypt was mainly for the Pharaoh. The pyramids were built using gold blocks. Pharaohs were buried with plenty of gold.

Egyptian goldsmiths played a very important role in the history of gold. The first process of smelting gold took place in Egypt in 3600 B.C. The technology later spread across the globe.

The Egyptians used gold as a symbol of power in the temples and the palace. The Egyptians made advancements in the use of gold. Some of the maps indicating the locations of gold mines still exist because the durable gold background used to design them.

Gold in Ancient Greece

The knowledge of gold smelting spread like wildfire across the globe. With time, most nations had embraced the knowledge from Egypt to produce more gold.

By 550 B.C, the Greeks were mining gold throughout the Middle Eastern regions and the Mediterranean. It was during this time that scholars like Plato and Aristotle began to investigate the origins and geological composition of gold.

The mining of gold was embraced by the Greek citizens and the government. Residues of some gold mines are still available today in Greece as evidence of the widespread mining of gold.

Gold was a part of social status and symbol of power in the Greek nation. The rare commodity was associated with the Greek gods. Mortals in possession of gold used the metal as currency.

Romans and Gold

After the Greek Conquest of gold, the Romans took the mantle to promote the spread and mining of gold. Using the available resources at their disposal, they advanced the available technologies from Greece and Egyptians.

The Romans used slaves, and prisoners to work in underground gold mines. To maximize the gold production, they developed machinery to mine gold deposits from water bodies and underground.

The Romans built the sluices, water wheels, mining hydraulics, and long toms. These new machines allowed them to further exploit the old gold mining sites where they found gold deposits that humans could not locate without some extra machinery help.

It was during the reign of the Romans that money gained a standard monetary value. Gold was used as currency in most parts of Europe and later spread around the globe.

Gold in the Modern World

Later on in the year 1717, the currency was officially linked to gold. This changed the general attitude towards the metal. The gold standard was set, and many countries adopted it.

In 1848, gold was discovered in the state of California. The demand for gold attracted more miners leading to the historical gold rush. Since then, more deposits of gold are discovered around the globe.

Changes in the attitude towards gold and its uses are constantly changing as years elope.

Uses of Gold

  •         Making jewelry. Gold has been used to make jewelry and ornaments since the first discovery. Jewelry made of gold lasts longer and symbolize a higher social status.
  •         Gold is used as currency. Gold is highly valuable and limited in supply. Gold was initially used as currency in some countries. Nations later adhered to the gold standards. Governments and wealthy individuals hold gold investments in the convenient form of bullions.

·         Gold is used in art. Gold is rare but very beautiful with a unique color. Some artists are using gold in liquid form to create a gold background for their portraits. Portraits with a gold background appear more beautiful, and they exhibit durability.

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Why Gold Becomes a Worldwide Hard Currency


From ancient times to date, gold has been a valuable commodity. It has persistently remained as a sign of richness and artistically, to demonstrate the longevity of the related valuables which mostly include pieces of jewelry. However, here, we’ll exclusively focus on the role of gold as a hard currency across the world.  

What is a hard currency?

It is essential to know what hard currency is before looking at the function of gold as the said form of money. During, the era of the gold standard, hard currency was gold. When it comes to modern times, hard currency is any currency with value that’s unlikely to depreciate rapidly or fluctuate significantly. Another definition- It is a widely-accepted currency world-wide as a form of payment which is expected to have a stable value. Besides, hard currency ought to have good international credit, solid exchange rate (especially in politically and economically strong countries) and maintain high liquidity in the Forex market.

Examples of hard currencies include the U.S. dollar, European euro, South African rand, Japanese yen, British pound, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar as well as the Australian/New Zealand dollar. Gold also comes in handy as a hard currency. 


What makes a worldwide hard currency?

Having seen what a hard currency is, it’s now time to see what makes gold hard currency.  To start with, gold possesses economic properties that can’t be easily lifted. It has over time become a constant which people use to measure and determine other items’ value. As a result of its constant nature, gold is the finest raw material for the fiat money.

Again, from the ancient days to the modern state of the issuance of financial currency,  the life of banknotes is unpredictable for very many years, irrespective of the country. Take an example of Soviet ruble. In as much as the currency was once very strong and powerful, it would take it just one day turn into a worthless paper. The banknotes used by many countries can be easily manipulated, compromising their value.

As such, their value is unpredictable and their circulation is very random. This applies even to the largest international reserve currency-the dollar. On the other hand, gold can be produced indefinitely and its physical properties, particularly color, remain constant irrespective of how the world changes or where it (gold) is.

Unlike other currencies, gold has an intrinsic value. In case a country’s government crumbles, its currencies (notes and coins) will be rendered almost worthless as the currencies don’t have the associated value. What value would a paper with some writings bear if its value is solely pegged on its ability to purchase something?

On the other hand, gold has self-value. Even if it is not used as a form of payment, it is still valuable. It can be used to make an array of valuable items. In short, gold is  “worth having” in itself. This is because nearly everyone likes it because its components are valuable but not because a person claims that it’s worth something.  

Here comes another point; although some countries and regions have international currencies, the currencies can neither be used as a form of payment in some countries nor can they be exchanged for some other countries’ currencies. Taking an example of the dollar; even if the currency dominates the financial monetary system in the world, it is not universal in some countries and so can’t be expanded for the currencies used in the respective countries. 

On the contrary, although some countries haven’t legalized the free trading and exchange of gold, the exchange of gold and the local currency goes on unobstructed. Even where the authority doesn’t allow the transactions, the ordinary people are still in touch with the value of gold and ready to exchange it for anything worth it, including their local currencies, among other valuables. In fact, in some countries, common people are fully unaware that international currencies like the U.S and the euro do exist. However, they are fully aware of and appreciate the value of gold.

Furthermore, due to the gold’s large-scale reserve, the swelling purchasing power of people in various countries as well as the central banks’ joint effect on the increase of the purchasing power of gold reserves, gold has become a more secure form of currency as compared to any other currency worldwide. Most ordinary people have a very strong pursuit of gold as they fully trust the valuable. In fact, the amount of private gold reserves and the overall purchasing power of the private sectors in the world are far much greater than the national gold reserves and the world’s governments’ purchasing power in most countries. As such, even if the governments don’t prefer gold as a currency, the private sector, due to its higher purchasing power and higher gold reserve, will still make gold retain its hard currency status.

Another reason that makes gold a worldwide hard currency is the fact that there are over 180 countries worldwide with currencies that are not recognized internationally. Even worse, the majority of these currencies are unrecognized in the international market and so, the respective countries must find alternative ways to transact in the market. That’s where the role of gold as a hard currency comes in handy. Instead of fiat money, these countries use gold to carry out financial transactions with other players in the market.

gold a vital financial tool

Besides, gold remains a vital financial tool, with people, groups, businesses and countries using it to get mortgage finance from the international financial market. As long as any of these parties owns gold, it can get gold mortgage financing from the market. This is also something that makes gold a worldwide hard currency. Additionally, the world’s central banks still treat gold reserves as components of the important currency reserves. As such, they’ve played a significant role in the endorsement of gold as a hard currency.

Gold has very liquid markets and this is evident because of the fact that even central banks gladly accept gold as collateral. A good example of the use of gold in such instances is when Iran was prevented to use U.S dollars for payment of goods and services in the international markets. Instead of using the dollars, Iran used gold as a payment for the goods and services it needed from the market.

Parting Shot

Having put all the above points into consideration, it is crystal clear that gold is the world’s hard currency and the reasons are simple to understand. Global acceptability, intrinsic value, popularity and the liquid of gold attribute to the status.